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Personal VPN - Access US-only sites from around the world


Many web sites only offer services to US residents. These services include video, music, email and a host of other topics. Americans traveling outside of the USA often find that they can no longer access their favorite or even essential web sites once they've left. The web sites determine this via your IP address. If it sees an address that is coming from the USA, it lets you in. If not, it blocks access.


Personal VPN's like SurfBouncer that have many servers within the USA, provide an American address when you use them. So... you may be in Europe but, after signing on to the VPN, it would seem to all the websites you visit that you are in the USA.


The same is true in reverse. Using European servers while visiting the United States will make it appear to the websites you visit that you are still in Europe. Therefore, you can access European content when in the USA.


Beware of VPNs that claim to have servers all around the world. If their servers are not in the USA offering USA-exclusive access, then you are not going to get an American IP address. Having servers all around the world, in unstable foreign countries, is often sold as a 'security' feature. In our view, having all of our data flowing to some third world country for the local government to view is not a comforting prospect.


In conclusion, if you can't access your favorite online video or other site from outside the USA, then get a personal VPN with USA servers and solve the problem.


SurfBouncer Personal VPN Service

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