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How do I confirm that my Personal VPN is working?


Upon connecting to a Personal VPN tunnel, you appear to be originating from the host server of the VPN. For example, if your IP address provided by your ISP is and you are online without your personal VPN engaged, every web site you go to will be able to see this address. Website owners will be able to data mine your information so they can sell your profile to other companies. Every email you send will have this address embedded in its header. If you click on this link you will be taken to a web site that shows you your information, based on your IP. The information this web site shows you is only a small portion of what is available from information companies. A large percentage of IP addresses can be resolved down to your name and address and the technology is only getting better.


When you use the personal VPN, you appear to be coming from the IP address of the VPN server. Let's say its address is Every web site you go to and every email you send now contains this address. If you are located in California and the server is in New York, it looks like you are coming from New York. Since thousands of other people are also appearing to come from this address as they use the personal VPN, it becomes impossible to identify any single individual.


To confirm that your personal VPN is working, simply go to before you enable the VPN. You will see your personal IP address and location listed. After engaging the VPN and clicking it again, you will see the IP and location of the server listed. This confirms that your personal VPN is operational.

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