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Personal VPN - Unblock web sites


There are many places in the world where internet access is censored for various reasons. The personal VPN provides online security for people who use it. However, by virtue of this security and the encrypted tunnel it creates, it also has a side benefit. It will unblock web sites and undo the work of the censors.


By connecting to secure personal VPN servers in this encrypted fashion, the ISP, government or whatever entity is doing the censoring can no longer see your information. Since they can no longer see what websites you are going to, they are prevented from censoring them.


However, there is more to unblocking sites than just putting up a VPN tunnel. Often the censors use various counter- measures to block the tunnel and access to restricted sites. Being able to respond quickly to bypass these countermeasures is the mark of a good personal VPN.


For example, many countries will track server connections and eventually determine that the connection is encrypted and that much traffic is flowing. Their solution might be to block access to the IP address of the VPN server. This approach has been the downfall of many VPN services in some countries. However, a good personal VPN adjusts to these changes by constantly changing the IP addresses of the servers, never using the same one twice. This simple but effective technique easily defeats the countermeasure.


Countries such as China put up many obstacles to prevent users from accessing the outside world. The so-called 'great firewall of China' is very efficient. They use multiple blocking techniques aimed at preventing all access to many thousands of websites. However, the personal VPN can bypass these measures and will give you access from China whether you live there, work there or are just visiting.


Whether you are in Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, China or any other place where the internet is censored, the personal VPN will unblock sites and un-censor your internet.


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