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My ISP is blocking Skype!


Many ISPs and governments wanting to drive telephone traffic to the local service provider use 'VOIP blocking' to prevent calls from going through. The techniques they use to do this can easily be bypassed through the use of a personal VPN by encrypting the connection and sending it over the same connection that regular web traffic flows on.


Since the ISP cannot see that the traffic is an IP phone call, they cannot block it. Many people around the world use a personal VPN to bypass the VOIP blocking instituted by their service providers.


For those with hardware-based IP phones, there is a 'VPN Appliance'. The device is a standard router that has been configured to automatically connect to the VPN service. Everything that is plugged into its Ethernet ports or connected through its wireless access point, is passed through the VPN tunnel. Just plug your IP phone into the back of the device and your phone acts as if it's plugged into an open network in the USA. For more information follow this VPN Router link.


Make cheap international calls with Skype

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