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OpenVPN MTU Settings


In some countries that vigorously try to prevent VPN use and also on some networks with routers that are not configured properly, VPN traffic can be compromised due to the size of the packets being transmitted.


Symptoms of this are frequent disconnects and reconnects and the inability to get to web sites reliably.


In many cases this can be fixed by simply setting the MTU (maximum transmission unit ) to a small enough value to allow the packets to flow unhindered.


This is very simple to do with OpenVPN based Personal VPN's


SImply edit the configuration files (files ending in .ovpn) to add the MTU adjustment.


We recommend adding the following value as a starting point


mssfix 1300


Just copy and paste this into the configuration file on a blank line.


Restart the software and connect. In a great many cases this will resolve the connection issues.


You can adjust this value to try and fine tune your situation. But in most cases effects are minimal and this settings will work very well.

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