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Virtual Machine VPN


A Virtual Machine VPN is an image of a fully configured operating system with a VPN solution installed. This image can run in any computer that has the appropriate Virtual Machine Player software installed. For example, a Windows or Mac user can run a fully functional Linux operating system on their computer.


There are several advantages to doing this. First, by installing the Virtual Machine image on a removable device or in an encrypted directory, it isolates the operating system from the host machine. Because of the combination of the Virtual Machine and the Personal VPN, whatever you do on the Virtual Machine and whatever web sites you visit will not be recorded on the host machine. This is an ideal setup for when you are sharing a machine and don't want the other users to know any of your personal information.


The VM is also very useful when the computer you are using contains filtering software. Since the Virtual Machine does not contain the filtering software and can connect to the Personal VPN service, all sites are available and the host machine has no record of the details.


The Virtual Machine will also protect the host machine from any attacks and malware that web sites might try to install on the host. Since the two are isolated, any attack is contained in the Virtual Machine. By reverting to your backup image, you can eliminate any damage done in a few seconds and start right up again. The Virtual Machine will protect your host machine from internet malware, bots, viruses and trojans while the Personal VPN will protect your personal information like IP address from being revealed to the web site owners.


In some countries, DNS poisoning is done to prevent users from reaching politically sensitive web sites. Once again, since the Virtual Machine is not part of your host computer, these techniques fail and all web sites can be accessesed via the Personal VPN.




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