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Personal DNS

Safe anonymous personal DNS for all your devices.

DNS queries are the mechanism used to translates the name of a web site to an IP address that various routers on the Internet can use to connect you to that site.  For example translates via DNS to

Because of this address translation, providers of your DNS services can log every web site and address you go to.  Your local IP address is also logged.  All of this is used to create databases that profile you. This data is sold for large profits to various companies that use the data for marketing and other services. Including background checks. Knowing your web history provides a huge amount of data for companies trying to market to you and for companies that create databases about you in regards to background checks.

More than likely your ISP, which provides DNS services to you as part of your Internet (cable, DSL, fiber, 4G etc.) account, and also most “free” DNS services actively log every DNS request in order to sell the information.

Personal DNS will provide you with safe DNS servers to use that ensure nothing is ever logged about you or your activity. Your activity on the Internet becomes anonymous and no data about you is collected or sold.

Get Personal DNS here

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