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Reset Android credentials storage


Sometimes users get locked out of VPN access on their devices due to not knowing the password for the Credentials Storage locker. This can happen for many reasons. This can be reset, although it will also delete all of your configurations which will have to be entered again.


To reset the credential storage password:


Press the Home button. You will be taken to the Home screen

Different Android devices have different ways to get to settings from here. Some methods to try are


1 - Press the menu button to bring up the mini-options screen. Then press Settings.

2 - Press the clock located in the system icon tray in the lower-right corner of your screen. Press the clock again and then press Settings.

3 - If the above methods don't work check with your vendors Android instructions.


Press Location and security.

Press Clear Storage and Confirm.


The password will be deleted and you can now reset your VPN and create a new password.

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