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Personal VPN - OpenVPN and Mac OSX


OpenVPN works well on the Mac using the Tunnelblick implementation of OpenVPN.


The application is open source and free to use. To install OpenVPN on your Mac OSX system just follow the steps below.


1) Download Tunnelblick from their home page and save to your download folder or desktop.


2) Double-click on the dmg file and it will open.


3) Double-click on the Tunnel icon and it will install.


4) Download your Personal VPN configuration files.


5) Double click on each file and Tunnelblick will ask if you wish to install it. Say yes and repeat for all the files.


Create a new folder under your user name - Library as shown below.Create openvpn folderAfter clicking on 'New Folder', name the new folder 'openvpn'.Take your configuration files and place them in the folder you just created. When complete it will look something like this:Personal VPN installed on your MacClose the folder, launch Tunnelblick and log in to your Personal VPN account.

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