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Depreciated Page - This page discusses software or services that are no longer available. We preserve it here for historical reference.


OpenVPN setup on a Nokia N900 (Maemo OS)

OpenVPN is available for the Maemo operating system and can be used on devices that use it such as the Nokia N900


To set up a Maemo device to work with OpenVPN:


1) Download OpenVPN here:


2) Then the GUI here:


3) Download the VPN configuration files to your desktop in a folder with a descriptive name such as 'maemo vpn'


4) Upload the configuration folder to your N900 via Bluetooth


5) Open the OpenVPN applet and press 'manage connections - new connection'


6) Load a file that ends with '.ovpn' into Configuration File


7) Load the file that ends with '.crt' into both Cert file and CA file


8) Load the '.key' file into Key File


9) Import the configuration


10) Repeat this for all the various .ovpn files you have available


11) Connect from the OpenVPN GUI applet menu

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